Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Beauty Station


Spring is here! We all seem to associate this season with cleaning- why? Warmer weather and a fresh new feel gives us the idea to clean up after a long winter. When was the last time you went through your makeup drawers and organized? We came up with a few ideas to help you organize your beauty station this Spring!

Out with the Old

First things first, toss or donate! Go through your beauty supplies and ask yourself, is this expired or will I ever use this? (Find out when products expire, blog link here). In the effort to organize and declutter simple get rid of products that you no longer need, want, use, or like.



It is time to separate and conquer! Purchase clear plastic containers to place in your drawer and organize your products by category. You can separate your lotions, makeup removers, skincare, and makeup in different containers. If you are a beauty subscription box subscriber, save your boxes and use them instead of purchasing plastic containers!


Counter Space Organization

Reduce clutter and keep your counter neat and tidy with jars! The clear white jars give you that classic home counter top look, add your makeup brushes, Q-Tips, and makeup removing pads to fill the jars. Not only are your supplies in order but they are easily accessible!

Hang up the Hair Goodies

Let’s face it, we have so many hair products and tools that take up space! Move them out of the way and hang them on the back of your bathroom door with organizers available at Target and Ikea.



Natural Spring Beauty Tutorial

358_KLK_Manna Kadar_Feb 17 (2)

As the weather is starting to warm up we would consider this a gentle reminder that spring is here! This can mean spring break travels, or spring cleaning. No matter the plans we have a look just for you! This effortless natural Spring beauty tutorial is perfect to complete your look at home or on the go.

In this case, #TeamManna takes their spring look to Mexico! Here is how we created our Spring look with Manna Kadar Cosmetics.


Step 1- With heat comes shine and sweat! How do we deal with that? Simple, Manna Kadar’s Runway Ready Face Primer ($42, Shop Here)! Apply all over face to create a smooth base for your look, leaving you with a flawless matte finish.


Step 2- Define your brows with the perfect arch and highlight your brow bone with the Brow Boss Dual Ended Brow pencil ($21, Shop Here). Perfect to take on the go!


Step 3- Add your pop of color for the real spring look with the Blossom Floral Compact Blush and Highlighter Trio ($29, Shop Here).


Step 4- Define your eyes with a coat of Flutter Mascara ($29, Shop Here). Formulated with nourishing properties to give your lashes volume and length that will last all day.


Step 5- Finally we completed our look with Manna Kadar’s Priming Lipstick ($21, Shop Here). Our favorite shade for the season is Bliss- a slightly nude shade with a pop of peach.

Shop the items used in this blog online at www.MannaKadarCosmetics.com and share your Spring looks by tagging us (@MannaKCosmetics) for a chance to be featured!

Honeymoon Essentials for a Relaxing and Romantic Getaway

On top of getting married you also must plan the ultimate vacation- aka: The Honeymoon! Now to relieve the stress of packing and preparing here is a list of items to make sure you pack so you are prepared for the perfect time!


Let’s get the obvious items you need to prep for your honeymoon out of the way so we can get to the good stuff: If you are leaving the country make sure to have your updated passport ready to take flight. You can even get these cute His and Hers passport books to keep all your documents together with bag tags to keep an eye on your stuff at the airport. Also, don’t forget your tickets, itinerary and your hotel/cruise confirmations.

Your travel cosmetics bag! Now in all honestly this is usually the last thing we think of because we are so excited about the bathing suites and maxi dresses! But keep it organized while you travel and while you are there. Sometimes the bathroom on vacation can get a little out of hand but with a good makeup organizer you will keep it together and looking good! Check out this Kate Spade one that has a spot for everything! Pro Tip: You can even put your jewelry in here so you can cut down on another small bag!

Even if you are going somewhere tropical make sure to bring walking shoes for while you explore! Check out these cute Glitter Sneakers to be glam while you hike!

Glitter Shoes

Mishaps happen! So make sure to be prepared with your mini emergency kits! The Pinch Provisions Bridal Kit will keep you ready for anything on your wedding day and on your honeymoon with 40 essentials that will save the day! Or check out Hollywood Fashion Secrets for your fashion emergency must haves!

Now that we have hit the fun topics, let’s move to the top Do’s and Don’ts for your big trip:

  • Do label your luggage inside and out
  • Don’t wait until last minute to pack
  • Don’t pack shoes you haven’t worn before
  • Do provide itinerary and photocopies of your passports to your family
  • Do take lots and lots of pics!

Wedding Prep with Manna Kadar’s Blushing Bride Bag

Manna Kadar’s newly launched Blushing Bride Bag has everything you need to complete your makeup look. Not only will you have that perfect bride glow, you will have the necessary beauty items for on the go touch ups throughout your big day.


The Blushing Bride Bag is not only for the bride, but the bridal party of wedding attendees! The kit includes; Manna Kadar’s new Goddess Palette, Flutter Mascara, HD Pressed Powder, LipLocked Stain, and the Glo Illuminator in a perfect pink bag.

Even if there are no wedding plans ahead, the Blushing Bride Bag is perfect for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, or a treat for yourself #SelfLove!

How to create your look with the Blushing Bride Bag?

Start your look with the Glo Illuminator. Mix with your favorite lotion or foundation for that luminous glow. Apply on face and body!

Add your eyeshadows, blush, bronzer and highlighter with the Goddess Palette. This lightweight all in one palette is perfect for any occasion, with highly pigmented and endless color combinations.

Define your eyes with the Flutter Mascara! Don’t worry if you shed a joyful tear or two, the Flutter Mascara will stay in place and last all wedding long.


Complete your look with the LipLocked Priming Gloss Stain in Rosette. Our 3-in-1 lippie will hydrate your lips while keeping its long lasting color, even after the ‘I do’ kiss!


Last but not least, the High Definition Pressed Perfecting powder will eliminate any shine. Simply dust on a light layer when needed to stay shine free!


The new Blushing Bride Bag is now available! Valued at $150, yours today for just $59! (Shop here).


 What to Pack for a Destination Wedding?

When traveling out of the country for a destination wedding there is always excitement and fun to be had. Unlike most trips, when traveling for a wedding you do not need to plan all the activities as the wedding festivities are already set in stone. Since the key details are taken care of, your biggest worry is what to pack and what gift to get the bride and groom?


Here are some tips and ideas to help you pack for a destination wedding!

Hair & Makeup

Both of high importance to show up to the wedding in style. The best suggestion to limit clutter and space would be sample sizes! If you have any small sample sizes or toiletries now is the time to use them!

Instead of bringing your full makeup bag, take a quick trip to your local beauty store, like Sephora and ask for samples of your favorite items.

Manna Kadar Cosmetic’s newly launched Blushing Bride Bag ($59, shop here) is the perfect kit to pack for this exact instance! Must have items to complete your look in a pretty pink bag, feel free to toss in your hair items and other toiletries!


Emergency Kit

Every need a nail file while traveling? Take the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Kit (Shop here) with you for any and all emergencies. This set includes 14 items such as lint removing sheets, Hair Band, Blister Pad, Static Guard, Nail File and much more! All in a perfect little kit to even throw in your purse! 


Packing 101 Tip- Bring a garment bag when you pack your dresses to avoid wrinkles during travel!

High Heels without the Pain

Attending a wedding it is safe to assume you will spend a lot of time on your feet and on the dance floor. Be sure to pick out heels that can last you all night long. There is nothing worst then having to sit down for the second half of the wedding. First things first, do not wear brand new shoes! If you have new shoes be sure to wear them out several times before the wedding. Second, if you know your feet won’t be able to take the heels all night we have two options for you!

  1. Hollywood Fashion Tape has a few options for your comfort! Their Haute Feels (Shop Here) is a soothing foot spray to spay before the pain starts! It is effective and works in minutes but lasts for hours.
  2. Pack a pair of flats! Take a pair of Tieks by Gavrieli (Shop Here) for perfectly portable flats that fit in your little clutch. If need be, remove your heels and replace them with this comfortable flats!



Remember that if you forget something not to panic! You can most likely purchase something that the destination. Take advantage of the trip and reduce the stress. As long as you keep your cool there is always a way to make things work.


Skincare Prep before the Wedding!

We all want to look flawless for our wedding day, so make it a priority to start your beauty and skincare regimen early if you don’t already have a daily one. This shouldn’t be left to the last minute, the longer you have to correct any skin care issues you have, the better!

There are a couple options for to start off your wedding skincare routine, you can do some research or you can visit a professional and get their opinion. I would opt for the professional because you want the best results, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a relaxing facial? After your facial and your recommended routine, don’t drop the ball. Wash your face nightly and apply any serums to work on the issues you want to correct. Also, make sure to moisturize your skin, this is a stressful time so we want to get ahead of anything that can come up!


If you are looking for some products to kick off your wedding routine check out these:

Purifying Cleanser – This purifying cleanser will start off your routine by cleaning out any impurities and prepping your skin for the next step.

Firming Collagen Peptide Serum – This high potency, anti-aging, serum is ideal for soothing, firming, clarifying and hydrating all skin types.

Anti-Aging Eye Cream – The Anti-Aging Eye Cream is an active botanical complex cream designed to moisturize, protect and soothe the eye area.

Bio Active Day Cream with Oxygen- This light lotion clarifies, lightens, and disinfects the complexion as it kills acne bacteria below the surface of the skin.


Remember, don’t try new products the month of your wedding, we don’t want to risk any breakouts or allergic reactions to products!

Beauty, Balance & Medicine: How one Doctor Changed my Life

My weight loss journey has been anything but easy.  I thought I had the recipe: reduced calorie healthy meals + workouts = weight loss.  However, I didn’t realize that I was missing a crucial part of the equation, Dr. Alice (@alicenguyen.nd)- more specifically, targeted oral supplements and micro-nutrient intravenous therapy.

Part of the 360 Program that Stark Fitness (@starkirvine) offers is a mandatory visit with their in house, medical guru, Dr. Alice.  I didn’t realize how life changing this one visit would impact how I looked at food, fitness and overall health.  The key lies within doing an complete analysis of your health history, but more specifically, taking a closer look at what is going on with your body.  I did 3 blood tests: one for food allergies, the Vibrant America comprehensive lab panel review my overall well being, and the Micro-nutrient panel.  The results were astounding.

From my food allergy test, it revealed that I am highly allergic to whey, casein and dairy.  Although I didn’t show outward signs of intolerance such as hives or GI issues, I did notice never feeling quite “right” and took an inventory of how much of these items I was consuming on a regular basis.  What I learned what that by consuming these items, my body was constantly in an inflamed state, which made it 100x more difficult to lose weight.  Once I cut these items out of my diet, I immediately noticed my stomach was flatter and the results from all of the meal planning and gym sessions were finally beginning to show.

What was more disturbing were my results from the overall levels of my Vibrant America lab panel.  I had zero testosterone, which means it is almost impossible to build lean muscle mass and I was deficient in almost every other category.  But have no fear, Dr. Alice is here!  I was put on a regimen of vitamins to take on a daily basis to get my body back into balance, but what was more interesting was the IV Treatments that were available.  On a weekly basis, I was given and IV with a special “Vitamin Cocktail” to give my body everything it was deficient in.  I even mentioned to the doc that I was having excessive hair loss, one of the issues most postpartum moms deal with and Dr. Alice added Biotin, a vitamin that promotes nail & hair growth, right into my bag.


Thanks to Dr. Alice, my body is back in sync and on the right path to getting to hitting my weight loss goals.