Getting a Sexy Suntan Sans the Sun: Saving Your Skin This Summer with Manna Kadar’s “Bronzed Beauty Self Tanner”

It’s the struggle that has plagued pale princesses for decades.  Achieving that perfect, beautifully bronzed tan leaving the pain and dangerous side effects as a thing of the past! With so many options on the market stating they’re the best, how can we decide which to use? Manna Kadar’s “Bronzed Beauty Self Tanner” has got this one covered.


This innovative self tanner is the best on the market for many reasons.  Its creative, custom formula features only all-natural ingredients designed to create the best, most natural looking tan.  A few of the many restorative and priming ingredients used in the blend include Aloe Vera, Vitamins A & E, and many more.  Also, a unique feature of this self-tanning lotion is its luxurious, almond scent.  While most DSC_0027self-tanners give off an unpleasant odor in the form of various “scents”, Manna Kadar’s self-tanning lotion does not.  Instead, it’s refreshingly clean-smelling almond scent is pleasing to all, and delightfully subtle.  It is also wonderfully easy to use.  While other tanners require application every day and only show results after weeks, Bronzed Beauty Self Tanner only needs to be used every one to three days, and the results are immediate! It is truly a miracle worker.

Manna Kadar’s Bronzed Beauty Self Tanner is a revolutionary way to achieve beautiful, tanned skin.  With its fast-working pigmentation, fresh smell, and golden color it can’t be beat!

What’s In Manna’s Handbag?




Managing your handbag can get a little crazy -old receipts, gum wrappers, and who knows what else! It’s so easy to toss items in your handbag and forget about them. It seems like there are always excessive items in our handbags that we rarely need. After testing out several products, and looking for the most beneficial and multi-functional treasures, Manna managed to narrow this chaotic crisis down to a few of her favorite handbag essentials for this season.

Turn your Dreams to a Reality


The Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day-Dream Palette is lightweight, and filled with useful products to keep your makeup on point. It is a great palette for touch ups that transform your look from day to night. This palette is the perfect handbag essential, it’s great because it contains 6 eye shadows, blush, two highlighters, and a bronzer.

Staying Shine Free


Blotting Paper is an important essential -especially in these warm seasons when our skin tends to produce more oil. Mai Couture’s Vitamin C + E Revitalize Oil Blotting Papier is infused with Vitamin C and E to keep your skin energized, moisturized, and nourished.

Rock Your Heels All Day Long


Being on the go and pregnant, Manna is highly likely to develop foot pain. That’s where Sole Serum comes in handy. If you wear heels all day or are constantly on your feet, Sole Serum helps with instant relief. It is also a great gift for your bridal party before the big day!

A Little TLC


Changes in weather, and a busy lifestyle, take a toll on your body. Give it a little TLC with Glossier’s multi-purpose balm dotcome. This is a “universal skin salve” that you can use on your lips, cuticles, elbows, and everywhere else.

Don’t Get “Hangry”


It is extremely common to get angry when you are hungry, also known as “Hangry”. Since hunger can strike at the worst time, it’s always great to carry a snack with you. This Bar Saves Lives, satisfies your hunger, and every bar purchased the company will give a packet of food to a child in need.

Every Day is a Great Hair Day


If you are feeling like you’re about to have a bad hair day, do not worry! Keep a handful of bobby pins, and hair ties in your handbag for that quick fix. Since bobby pins and hair ties tend to get lost easily, a useful tip -keep your hair ties and bobby pins in a small change clutch and leave that in your handbag.

Emi + Jay have adorable hair ties that won’t leave a dent it your hair. The vibrant colors and fun patterns can be used as arm candy while they aren’t in your hair.

Keep your Lip Color on Lock-down


Last but definitely not least, the MKC Lip Locked collection is the perfect lip product to keep with you at all times. Lip Locked contains a built in primer and stain for highly pigmented color which also leaves a gloss like appearance for the perfect shine.


Whether you’re a business woman or mom on the go, Manna hopes these handbag essentials will keep you feeling refreshed and beautiful wherever you go.



Makeup Must-Haves to Create a Glowing Summer Look

Summer is finally  it’s time to get your glow on! Head out the door in 7 minutes or less with Manna Kadar’s multi-purpose line of makeup . Follow these tips and tricks to create a natural, glowing summer makeup look.

Your eyes are the window to your soul. Let it shine with the Manna Kadar Cosmetics Eyeshadow Stick. The eyeshadow stick in the shade Enchanted is a beautiful shimmery gold that is perfect for summer.  The creamy formula may easily be applied  with your fingers  to the eyes,  to the top of the cheekbones as a highlight for a gorgeous glow. The eyeshadow stick also has a built in primer to prevent creasing,  last all day long in the summer heat.

Bronze bronze bronze!  Bronzed skin is the key to a summer makeup look. Become a golden goddess with Manna Kadar’s Day Dream makeup palette. This palette has the perfect bronzer to give your skin a  sun-kissed glow. Apply it to the high points of your face where the sun would naturally hit: forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.  Apply the pink pearlized blush in this makeup palette to the apples of your cheeks  blend outward into the bronzer for a radiant flush. This makeup palette  also has a dark, matte charcoal shade that may be  thinly applied to the lashline as an eyeliner. The liner will adhere to the eyeshadow stick,  in place all day. And keep this compact palette in your purse to transform your look from day to night!

Finish off your look with a pop  of color on the lips with the lipgloss  With either shade of lipgloss on your lips, the heat won’t be the only thing that’s hot! Manna Kadar’s lipgloss are pigmented, non-sticky, and contain a built-in primer. This long  lasting, highly pigmented formula nourishes lips with Vitamin E & berry extracts for a beautiful pout.

And just like that, you have created the perfect summer makeup look with just 3 products!

What are your summer tips and tricks? Leave your comments down below!








Manna Kadar in the Top 20 CEOs under 40 in the Beauty Industry

Founder/ CEO of Manna Kadar Cosmetics, Manna Kadar was featured in Beauty Store Business Magazine as one of the Top 20 CEOs Under 40! The beauty industry continues to grow immensely, and with that comes new people, new products, and new ideas. Beauty Store Business Magazine has narrowed down 20 of the top CEOs in the Beauty Industry that are under the age of 40. Click here to read Manna’s feature!

5th post 1

Manna joined the business world early on, proving herself as a successful young entrepreneur in the competitive sales and marketing world. At the age of just sixteen years old, she opened a prestige chain of cosmetics boutiques in Southern California.

To further enhance her entrepreneurial spirit, Manna attended the University of Southern California for finance and business. After selling her cosmetic chain followed by a brief stint in corporate banking, Manna opened two tanning and beauty salons.

After years of careful research and development, Manna Kadar Cosmetics was finally born. Keeping beauty simplified, and adhering to the philosophy that less is more, Manna’s tricks of the trade are found in double duty products such as the Fantasy 3-in-1 eye shadow, blush, and highlighter.

In addition to giving back through her cosmetics company, Manna is active in various philanthropic organizations, including Board Member Goodwill, Board Member USC Alumni Association, Woman in Business Chairperson & Fuel the Planet. 

Purchase the newest Manna Kadar Cosmetics online by clicking here!

Radiance is Here! The New MKC Bronzer & Highligher Duo

7th post 1

Say hello to Radiance, the newest Manna Kadar Cosmetic Product. Radiance is one of our summer must have products, this bronzer and highlighter duo is the perfect product to complete any look!

The bronzer is a rich brown shade that will give that summer glow without having to worry about tanning. You can apply the bronzer to contour your face to enhance and accentuate your features.

The highlighter is a light luminescent shade that works great to highlight cheeks, nose, cupids bow, and under brows.

A little goes a long way with Radiance! Take your Radiance with you to complete any look for the perfect sun kissed glow on the go.


Manna Kadar’s Exclusive Look from her Orange Coast Magazine Feature!


Recently, we’ve heard a lot of buzz about how Manna Kadar, the CEO/Founder of Manna Kadar Cosmetics, is still creating products to achieve that perfect look, even in her final trimester of[1]

Read the exclusive feature on how Manna balances business, beauty, and her baby bump in Orange Coast Magazine. Get the behind the scenes scoop on the photo shoot, along with secrets to balancing it all.

In the feature, Manna talks about her philosophy behind Manna Kadar Cosmetics. Her goal is to keep beauty simplified with the latest beauty innovations that give women the ability to create their full face of makeup in seven minutes or less. Based on her philosophy her makeup look for this photo shoot was created in seven minutes, using her 3-step system.

Step 1-Prime

Runway Ready Primer was used to prep her face. This face primer gives a matte, silky smooth finish to keep makeup in place all day long. After applying Runway Ready, Lash Primer was used to give extra length and volume to her lashes. This is the perfect primer to enhance and allow your mascara to grip on your lashes for long-lasting wear.

Step 2-Polish

Polish time! Using just a few key products from her line, she was able to achieve that camera ready look. We started with Dual Powder to create an even skin tone and a flawless finish. By applying the powder with a damp sponge, you get more of a full coverage look.

Step 3-Perfectfit=350[3]

Moving onto her eyes, a smokey eye was created using a variety of shadows from the Day-Dream Palette. This palette contains six eye shadows that compliment each other extremely well for that perfect smokey eye look. Continuing to use the Day-Dream Palette, the blush was used to give Manna a perfect pinch of pink.

Lastly, our final step to complete this seven-minute makeup look: the finishing touches! Adding the Extreme Curl Mascara on her lashes took the smokey eye look to an eye popping level -thank you Lash Primer! Manna then applied her Lip Locked 3-in-1 Primer, Stain, and Gloss in her favorite shade, Lucky.

And voila, ready for the camera!

DSC_0578We took a majority of the pictures in Manna’s office as the natural sunlight always gives great lighting for photography. Several products that were used in her makeup look were also used as props during the shoot. The photographer was so excited to work with Manna, the pictures were coming out so great that nobody wanted the photo shoot to end!

Finally, the issue was released. Manna and her team couldn’t wait to get their hands on a copy! To see the final images and the complete makeup look check out the Orange Coast Magazine by clicking here!

Beauty & The Bump: Part 2 Maternity Must Haves

I’m pregnant. Now what do I do about my beauty routine?

As a busy woman on the go, it was difficult for me to accept all of the new challenges I was facing given my ever changing hormones and the need to slow down my pace.  There were days where the morning, or shall we call it all day sickness, took over and others where I woke up with new found blemishes I thought I had banished in my teens. I had come to the realization that I had to adjust my routine and be flexible. DSC_0573

First things first, I needed to follow my own advice.  I speak to women daily about taking a few minutes a day to “put your best face forward.”  This is easier said than done when you feel like you are battling a perpetual flu for weeks, however, I practiced mind over matter and delved in to re-evaluate my regimen.  It was all about getting to the core of my principles now more than ever to keep “Beauty Simplified.”  With this in the back of my mind, I managed to hone it down to my Top 5 Maternity Makeup Must Haves to keep my face polished and put together in the shortest amount of time possible.

Glam Mirror

This mirror is a true life saver.  Not only does it have unbelievable LED lights that illuminate your face just perfectly, it also rotate sideways and pivots back and forth to get the right angles on your face.  This was also key on days where I was ordered by the doctors to stay off my feet and I could do my makeup from the comfort or any chair in the house.

Runway Ready Primer

This primer was key in keeping my making on all day long and filling in any fine lines, pores and imperfections.  It made all the difference as my skin continued to evolve in the months ahead.


I LOVE this dual powder because of its many uses.  I wet a sponge on days where I wanted more coverage to use the product wet for more coverage or dry as a traditional powder.  Either way, this product provided great coverage, but did not weigh my skin down.

Day Dream Palette

This palette truly lives up to its name of being a Dream.  There are all of the key colors you would need, including a shade to fill in brow, in addition to a highlight, bronzer and blush.  The colors were soo highly pigmented and the flecks of gold in the highlighter gave me face light and life.  The best thing is that all of the products are housed in one perfect palette for easy storage and travel.

Lucky Liplocked

Liplocked has been a staple in my everyday routine for years.  It’s moisturizing ingredients and long wear properties are just what I needed to keep a perfect pout all day long.


Maternity Beauty 3


Cheers to a newfound beauty routine.


Think. Do. Be. Beautiful.