Photo shoot with the Miss California Girls

miss ca girls

Manna Kadar Cosmetics is the official cosmetics sponsor for Miss California USA and Miss Teen California USA. This is such a great opportunity for us to connect with our community and watch the pageant girls grow each competition. Providing them with our cosmetics, we encourage the contestants to keep their beauty simplified.

Nadia Mejia is Miss California USA 2016, her favorite Manna Kadar Cosmetics product is the Flawless Finish Foundation because it’s a great lightweight foundation that doesn’t feel too heavy and cakey. While working on Miss CA USA projects, Nadia is also a full time model.

Fun Fact- Nadia’s mother actually competed for the Miss USA title in 1989.

Athenna Crosby is Miss Teen California USA 2016, her favorite MKC product is the Priming Lip Locked Stain/ Gloss in the shade Pretty Smart because it is such a fun color for young girls!

Fun Fact- While Athenna is completing High School her goal is to become a disabilities rights attorney and run for public office.

Lisa G from Lisa G Artistry worked on hair and makeup for the shoot. Lisa has her own studio in Southern California. She has been working in the beauty industry for 17 years. Lisa is the Official Makeup Artist for the Miss California, USA Pageant. She also consults with future contestants about the makeup industry and provides them with tips and tricks for the stage and their interviews.


The photos for the shoot were taken by Devyn Leone Photography.

That a wrap! Our exclusive shoot for some new MKC products was a great success. It is always a pleasure to work with such a fun and energetic team.





Back to School Beauty- Makeup Routine

As summer comes to an end, another school year begins. Keep your makeup routine in check to feel fabulous and confident when you walk the school hallways. This quick and easy makeup routine will keep you looking radiant, no matter how much sleep you didn’t get because you were up late studying.
Step 1- Prime 
Prep your skin with a primer so your makeup will stay put from your first class to your last. Runway Ready is an essential makeup base that gives a matte, silky smooth finish that will keep your makeup in place ALL day.  
Step 2- Face
Use the Flawless Finish liquid foundation to camouflage the skins imperfections. To set your foundation you can use the Manna Kadar High Definition Powder for a matte, flawless makeup finish. Now add some color to your face with some blush, we chose the shade “Entice” because it’s a neutral based color with notes of pink.
Step 3- Eyes
Creating a muted smokey eye is always fun for an everyday look. Using the Day Dream palette start with the first eye shadow shade on the left to highlight your brow bone. Now on to the second eye shadow shade, use this on your eye lids to make your eye color pop. Lastly, using the third eye shadow shade to apply to your lash line or crease for a defined eye look. 
Add a coat of your favorite mascara to darken your lashes for more of an effect.
Step 4- Brows
Add some quick definition to your brows with Brow Fixx, it’s so easy to apply and keeps your eyebrows in place all day long. This product comes in three shades, Blonde, Brunette or Clear.
Step 5- Lips
Lastly, we used the Manna Kadar Lip Locked Stain in the shade “Lucky”. This lip product contains a built in primer as well as a stain, it also has a glossy finish to keep your lip gloss poppin’ all day long. 
Now you created a quick and easy everyday school look with just 5 steps! This look is great for every day, or simply add a darker shadow and bold lip for a dressier look.
Good luck with school! Tag us in your photos with #MannaBabe for a chance to be featured!

New Priming Lip Wands, perfect for each day of the weekend

Manna Kadar Cosmetics has officially launched the new Priming Lip Wands. The Priming Lip Wands are available in three shades, perfect for each day of the weekend. The three shades include Tarte, Joie, and J’adore. 

Friday- Tarte is the perfect shade to kick off the weekend. Apply this vibrant punchy peach shade to give yourself that FRI-YAY feeling!


Saturday- Joie is a little more subtle, making it easy to complement any outfit. This muted rose shade is great for day and night.


Sunday- J’adore is great for any Sunday Fun-day plans. This shade is a blushing nude toned color with built-in primer to survive your Sunday Brunch feast!


Manna Kadar’s Priming Lip Wands are the latest innovation in lip products that is paraben free, allergy tested, and cruelty free with many benefits; the Priming Lip Wands are easy to apply and it eliminates many steps for you so you are ready to go out.

The application is very smooth and it keeps the lips hydrated with Vitamin A & E & Berry Extracts throughout the day. The Priming Lip Wand is long-wear, because it has a built-in primer to set the color on your lips. And the colors are highly pigmented so it is easy to match with anything from day to night.

Collect all three shades to complete your weekend lip looks with one easy product, the Manna Kadar Priming Lip Wands!

Jet Set Beauty Babe

Summer means sunshine, travel, and fun! Traveling itself can take a toll on your body, Team Manna narrowed down their favorite tips and tricks for before, during, and after flying.

Only Take the Essentials

What you take in your carry on is a key factor to a stress free flight. Take items that carry multiple purposes to avoid taking too much.

Team Manna’s carry on beauty essentials include the following-

Dollup Beauty Travel Case, Manna Kadar Day Dream Palette & Brush, Manna Kadar Lip LockedMai Couture Blotting Paper, Emi+Jay Hair Ties, last but definitely not least, the Carry on Cocktail Kit.


First things first, prepping for the flight

The day before your flight is crucial. This is how we prep ourselves for the journey ahead.

Get a Blowout! When your hair is blow dried it is easier to maintain. To tie your hair during your flight use the emi + jay hair ties, they prevent creasing and come in fun styles! No creasing allows you to get off the plane looking like you just got your blowout, no airplane air!

Moisturizing is extremely important. If you’ve been on a plane before, you know that the cabin air can be extremely drying. Moisturize your face and body heavily the night prior to your flight to give as must moisture to your skin possible.

Making time fly, literally! What to do during the flight?

While you are sitting on your flight and anxiously awaiting your arrival, there are a couple of beauty tips & tricks that can help you feel and look beautiful inside and out. If you are planning on getting some shut eye during your flight we recommend wearing a sheet face mask. We LOVE the Red Wine sheet face mask from TonyMoly. Its perfect for flights because you don’t need to rinse your face after use.

Lastly, arrival!

Once the plane lands, there is still a good couple minutes before you can get out of your seat. Use that time to freshen up! Blot the excess oil off your face and add some makeup touch ups with the Day Dream Palette. Lastly apply a coat of your Lip Locked and you are ready to get off the plane looking radiance and ready for your trip!


Happy Summer and Safe Travels!



Team Manna


Bed Rest Beauty: Hospital Stay Makeup Look

Being on bed rest can actually be somewhat draining. You may be relaxed and well rested but let’s face it, it can get a little boring. Why not have some fun that will help you feel beautiful when you’re stuck in the hospital?

Here is Founder/CEO Manna Kadar keeping her beauty routine simplified for her hospital stay. Watch Manna create a fresh and easy look with minimal products.

First step, Manna applied a light layer of BB Cream to her face to cover up any blemishes. Using the MKC Glam Mirror she was able to apply her full face with exceptional LED lighting, which dims or brightens with one touch.

After applying the BB Cream, you can use Prime Time as a lid primer, as well as under your eyes to brighten them up. Using the Dual Powder all over her face to create that flawless finish.

Moving on to the Day Dream Palette! This palette has everything you need to complete your look all in one palette. Manna used the bronzer, blush, and highlighter shades to add some depth and color to her face. To add some color to her eyes, she used the third and fourth eye-shadow shade from the Day Dream palette.

Lastly, apply your favorite Lip Locked Stain in any shade. The built in primer will moisturize and keep your color lasting all day long.

Bed Rest Beauty: Hospital Stay Hairstyle Tutorial

Who says you can’t feel beautiful when you’re in the hospital? New Mom, Manna Kadar learns how to do a quick and easy French Braid Headband during her hospital stay. Her hairstylist Arshin came by the hospital to show us some awesome hairstyles.

Watch the tutorial here to see how to make a French Braid Headband for yourself. Be sure to tag us when you’re rocking this look.

You can also follow Arshin on Instagram to check out all the awesome hairstyles she comes up with.

More hairstyle tutorials to come, stay tuned!

Getting a Sexy Suntan Sans the Sun: Saving Your Skin This Summer with Manna Kadar’s “Bronzed Beauty Self Tanner”

It’s the struggle that has plagued pale princesses for decades.  Achieving that perfect, beautifully bronzed tan leaving the pain and dangerous side effects as a thing of the past! With so many options on the market stating they’re the best, how can we decide which to use? Manna Kadar’s “Bronzed Beauty Self Tanner” has got this one covered.


This innovative self tanner is the best on the market for many reasons.  Its creative, custom formula features only all-natural ingredients designed to create the best, most natural looking tan.  A few of the many restorative and priming ingredients used in the blend include Aloe Vera, Vitamins A & E, and many more.  Also, a unique feature of this self-tanning lotion is its luxurious, almond scent.  While most DSC_0027self-tanners give off an unpleasant odor in the form of various “scents”, Manna Kadar’s self-tanning lotion does not.  Instead, it’s refreshingly clean-smelling almond scent is pleasing to all, and delightfully subtle.  It is also wonderfully easy to use.  While other tanners require application every day and only show results after weeks, Bronzed Beauty Self Tanner only needs to be used every one to three days, and the results are immediate! It is truly a miracle worker.

Manna Kadar’s Bronzed Beauty Self Tanner is a revolutionary way to achieve beautiful, tanned skin.  With its fast-working pigmentation, fresh smell, and golden color it can’t be beat!