Don’t Fly without these TSA-Approved Beauty Products

Don’t risk losing your beloved makeup products while traveling at the TSA checkpoint! It can be hard to pack your favorite makeup products when traveling with just a carry on. Strategically pack these must-haves to get you through TSA with ease.

Matcha Cleanser- The perfect cleansing stick for travel! Simply apply to a damp face to cleanse skin! Milk Cosmetics, Matcha Cleanser (Shop here, $26.00).


Hydrating Serum- Protect, moisturize and improve your skins texture while traveling with Manna Kadar’s Firming Collagen Peptide Serum (Shop here, $49.00).


Conceal- Get rid of blemishes or dark circles from your sleepless red eye flight with Manna Kadar’s 3-in-1 Prime Time– Primer, Concealer & Highlighter (Shop here, $24.00).


Moisturizing Glo– Give your face a fresh and radiant GLO with the Glo Illuminator (Shop here, $29.00), used on face and body to revive the skin and hydrate inside out.


Smell Good- Travel can dull your scent, freshen up with a travel sized perfume. Manna’s Tip- Ask for a sample size at your local beauty store to “test out” so you don’t have to purchase!


Safe travels #MannaBabes!


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