Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Beauty Station


Spring is here! We all seem to associate this season with cleaning- why? Warmer weather and a fresh new feel gives us the idea to clean up after a long winter. When was the last time you went through your makeup drawers and organized? We came up with a few ideas to help you organize your beauty station this Spring!

Out with the Old

First things first, toss or donate! Go through your beauty supplies and ask yourself, is this expired or will I ever use this? (Find out when products expire, blog link here). In the effort to organize and declutter simple get rid of products that you no longer need, want, use, or like.



It is time to separate and conquer! Purchase clear plastic containers to place in your drawer and organize your products by category. You can separate your lotions, makeup removers, skincare, and makeup in different containers. If you are a beauty subscription box subscriber, save your boxes and use them instead of purchasing plastic containers!


Counter Space Organization

Reduce clutter and keep your counter neat and tidy with jars! The clear white jars give you that classic home counter top look, add your makeup brushes, Q-Tips, and makeup removing pads to fill the jars. Not only are your supplies in order but they are easily accessible!

Hang up the Hair Goodies

Let’s face it, we have so many hair products and tools that take up space! Move them out of the way and hang them on the back of your bathroom door with organizers available at Target and Ikea.



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