Don’t Fly without these TSA-Approved Beauty Products

Don’t risk losing your beloved makeup products while traveling at the TSA checkpoint! It can be hard to pack your favorite makeup products when traveling with just a carry on. Strategically pack these must-haves to get you through TSA with ease.

Matcha Cleanser- The perfect cleansing stick for travel! Simply apply to a damp face to cleanse skin! Milk Cosmetics, Matcha Cleanser (Shop here, $26.00).


Hydrating Serum- Protect, moisturize and improve your skins texture while traveling with Manna Kadar’s Firming Collagen Peptide Serum (Shop here, $49.00).


Conceal- Get rid of blemishes or dark circles from your sleepless red eye flight with Manna Kadar’s 3-in-1 Prime Time– Primer, Concealer & Highlighter (Shop here, $24.00).


Moisturizing Glo– Give your face a fresh and radiant GLO with the Glo Illuminator (Shop here, $29.00), used on face and body to revive the skin and hydrate inside out.


Smell Good- Travel can dull your scent, freshen up with a travel sized perfume. Manna’s Tip- Ask for a sample size at your local beauty store to “test out” so you don’t have to purchase!


Safe travels #MannaBabes!


Superhero products to save the day!

Never fear, Super-Manna is here! Founder & CEO Manna Kadar has gone by the nickname Super-Manna for her superhero like cosmetic line as well as her ability to balance running a business, her family, and social life!

You may ask yourself, how can a cosmetics line carry such superpowers? Well, we are here to break it down for you. Manna Kadar Cosmetics focuses on the philosophy- Beauty Simplified. With that mission in mind, Manna Kadar has created products that carry multi-functional properties, aka superpowers.


Here are some out our best-selling superhero products from each step of the Beauty Simplified System- Prime, Polish and Perfect.

Step 1- Prime: Lash Extending Primer

Yes, we can point out the obvious- Lash Primer is used to prime your lashes. However, did you know this superhero product can also be used in a couple other ways?

Not only can you use this product before applying your mascara for nourished and lengthening lashes, you can also apply it before bed by itself to condition and hydrate your lashes overnight! The dry to clear gel like formula can also be used for your eyebrows! Add to your brows alone to keep hairs in place or before applying your brow products.

Shop here! (Lash Extending Primer, $24.00)

Step 2- Polish: High Definition Pressed Perfecting Powder

The perfect on-the-go touch up must have- HD Pressed Perfecting Powder! Use this product to set you makeup look and throughout the day for touch ups. Keep makeup in place and eliminate shine by creating a natural, flawless matte finish.

Manna Kadar’s HD Pressed Perfecting Powder can also be used as an alternative to your Dry Shampoo. Simply add to your roots to instantly revive your hair and remove oil and shine.

Shop here! (HD Pressed Perfecting Powder, $29.00)

Step 3- Perfect: LipLocked Priming Gloss Stain

Finally, our best-selling LipLocked Priming Gloss Stain Collection! The superhero functionalities are built right in the name. This handbag must have is your go to lippie- formulated with Vitamin A, and Vitamin E to hydrate your lips all day long. This single product is formulated to prime your lips by providing a semi-glossy finish and stain like properties.

All 11 shades are available in a variety of our gift sets to make the perfect gift!

Shop here! (LipLocked Priming Gloss Stain, $24.00)


Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Beauty Station


Spring is here! We all seem to associate this season with cleaning- why? Warmer weather and a fresh new feel gives us the idea to clean up after a long winter. When was the last time you went through your makeup drawers and organized? We came up with a few ideas to help you organize your beauty station this Spring!

Out with the Old

First things first, toss or donate! Go through your beauty supplies and ask yourself, is this expired or will I ever use this? (Find out when products expire, blog link here). In the effort to organize and declutter simple get rid of products that you no longer need, want, use, or like.



It is time to separate and conquer! Purchase clear plastic containers to place in your drawer and organize your products by category. You can separate your lotions, makeup removers, skincare, and makeup in different containers. If you are a beauty subscription box subscriber, save your boxes and use them instead of purchasing plastic containers!


Counter Space Organization

Reduce clutter and keep your counter neat and tidy with jars! The clear white jars give you that classic home counter top look, add your makeup brushes, Q-Tips, and makeup removing pads to fill the jars. Not only are your supplies in order but they are easily accessible!

Hang up the Hair Goodies

Let’s face it, we have so many hair products and tools that take up space! Move them out of the way and hang them on the back of your bathroom door with organizers available at Target and Ikea.


Honeymoon Essentials for a Relaxing and Romantic Getaway

On top of getting married you also must plan the ultimate vacation- aka: The Honeymoon! Now to relieve the stress of packing and preparing here is a list of items to make sure you pack so you are prepared for the perfect time!


Let’s get the obvious items you need to prep for your honeymoon out of the way so we can get to the good stuff: If you are leaving the country make sure to have your updated passport ready to take flight. You can even get these cute His and Hers passport books to keep all your documents together with bag tags to keep an eye on your stuff at the airport. Also, don’t forget your tickets, itinerary and your hotel/cruise confirmations.

Your travel cosmetics bag! Now in all honestly this is usually the last thing we think of because we are so excited about the bathing suites and maxi dresses! But keep it organized while you travel and while you are there. Sometimes the bathroom on vacation can get a little out of hand but with a good makeup organizer you will keep it together and looking good! Check out this Kate Spade one that has a spot for everything! Pro Tip: You can even put your jewelry in here so you can cut down on another small bag!

Even if you are going somewhere tropical make sure to bring walking shoes for while you explore! Check out these cute Glitter Sneakers to be glam while you hike!

Glitter Shoes

Mishaps happen! So make sure to be prepared with your mini emergency kits! The Pinch Provisions Bridal Kit will keep you ready for anything on your wedding day and on your honeymoon with 40 essentials that will save the day! Or check out Hollywood Fashion Secrets for your fashion emergency must haves!

Now that we have hit the fun topics, let’s move to the top Do’s and Don’ts for your big trip:

  • Do label your luggage inside and out
  • Don’t wait until last minute to pack
  • Don’t pack shoes you haven’t worn before
  • Do provide itinerary and photocopies of your passports to your family
  • Do take lots and lots of pics!

 What to Pack for a Destination Wedding?

When traveling out of the country for a destination wedding there is always excitement and fun to be had. Unlike most trips, when traveling for a wedding you do not need to plan all the activities as the wedding festivities are already set in stone. Since the key details are taken care of, your biggest worry is what to pack and what gift to get the bride and groom?


Here are some tips and ideas to help you pack for a destination wedding!

Hair & Makeup

Both of high importance to show up to the wedding in style. The best suggestion to limit clutter and space would be sample sizes! If you have any small sample sizes or toiletries now is the time to use them!

Instead of bringing your full makeup bag, take a quick trip to your local beauty store, like Sephora and ask for samples of your favorite items.

Manna Kadar Cosmetic’s newly launched Blushing Bride Bag ($59, shop here) is the perfect kit to pack for this exact instance! Must have items to complete your look in a pretty pink bag, feel free to toss in your hair items and other toiletries!


Emergency Kit

Every need a nail file while traveling? Take the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Kit (Shop here) with you for any and all emergencies. This set includes 14 items such as lint removing sheets, Hair Band, Blister Pad, Static Guard, Nail File and much more! All in a perfect little kit to even throw in your purse! 


Packing 101 Tip- Bring a garment bag when you pack your dresses to avoid wrinkles during travel!

High Heels without the Pain

Attending a wedding it is safe to assume you will spend a lot of time on your feet and on the dance floor. Be sure to pick out heels that can last you all night long. There is nothing worst then having to sit down for the second half of the wedding. First things first, do not wear brand new shoes! If you have new shoes be sure to wear them out several times before the wedding. Second, if you know your feet won’t be able to take the heels all night we have two options for you!

  1. Hollywood Fashion Tape has a few options for your comfort! Their Haute Feels (Shop Here) is a soothing foot spray to spay before the pain starts! It is effective and works in minutes but lasts for hours.
  2. Pack a pair of flats! Take a pair of Tieks by Gavrieli (Shop Here) for perfectly portable flats that fit in your little clutch. If need be, remove your heels and replace them with this comfortable flats!



Remember that if you forget something not to panic! You can most likely purchase something that the destination. Take advantage of the trip and reduce the stress. As long as you keep your cool there is always a way to make things work.


At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

Making time for romance when you have children can be close to impossible! Especially with a toddler and new born on your hands. What do you do when you can’t leave the house for this romantic holiday? We came up with a list of perfect ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with your partner in crime.

Get cooking

Spend some time in the kitchen together and get your hands dirty with homemade pizza. Pizza may not be the ideal romantic meal, but you can pair it with a fresh salad and a bottle of wine, or two. To kick up the Valentine’s Day feel, make your pizza dough in the shape of a heart!

Set the mood

Dim the lights and surround yourselves with candles. Everything is more romantic by candlelight. You can even add soft music in the background.


At home spa night

Take it easy and distress from a crazy workweek and busy nights with the kids by treating yourselves to an at home spa night. Start the evening with a face mask, we recommend the Rose Face Mask by Fresh ($25, shop hereshop here). In efforts to keep the Valentine’s Day theme in motion, we selected this mask as it is infused with real rose petals! Before you call it a night take turns giving each other massages!


Wine & Paint night

Get crafty and open up a bottle of wine while you show your artistic side. This fun experience will also leave you with beautiful pieces of art to hang up. Even if it does not look like a work of art worthy to be framed you can save it as a memory and fun experience you shared with your loved one.

Watch a movie

Snuggle up and watch a movie. When was the last time you were able to sit down, relax and enjoy a movie from start to finish with no interruptions?

Rear view of couple watching television in living room hug

Manna Kadar’s go to Gym friendly Hairstyles

When you’re off to the gym the last thing on your mind may be your hair style. Yes, you have your fitness goals to focus on, but why not look good while achieving them? Wouldn’t you feel more motivated to work out with a boost of confidence while looking good? Get rid of flyaways and pieces that keep falling in your face with these fitness friendly hairstyles!

The Low Trendy Bun- Simply tie your hair in a pony and flip your hair through to create this trendy bun! Add gel to roots/crown to avoid flyaways. Love this hairstyle for #ArmDay!



The Classic High Ponytail- Brush your hair back into an elastic with our fingertips to create that textured look. You can also add a texturizing spray like the Un.Done Texture Spray from Amika ($24; Shop here)



The Dutch Sister Braid- Keeping your hair in its natural state, sans-hot tools? This workout friendly braid is perfect for all hair styles and keeps your style intact throughout your workout. Start by making two Dutch style braids on each side of your head, then connect them and tie with an elastic.



The Classic Bun- The perfect hairstyle to get sweaty! Keep hair off your face and neck with this ballerina bun.



Share your fitness friendly hair looks by tagging us and using #MKFitnessHair!