What to Pack for a Destination Wedding?

When traveling out of the country for a destination wedding there is always excitement and fun to be had. Unlike most trips, when traveling for a wedding you do not need to plan all the activities as the wedding festivities are already set in stone. Since the key details are taken care of, your biggest worry is what to pack and what gift to get the bride and groom?


Here are some tips and ideas to help you pack for a destination wedding!

Hair & Makeup

Both of high importance to show up to the wedding in style. The best suggestion to limit clutter and space would be sample sizes! If you have any small sample sizes or toiletries now is the time to use them!

Instead of bringing your full makeup bag, take a quick trip to your local beauty store, like Sephora and ask for samples of your favorite items.

Manna Kadar Cosmetic’s newly launched Blushing Bride Bag ($59, shop here) is the perfect kit to pack for this exact instance! Must have items to complete your look in a pretty pink bag, feel free to toss in your hair items and other toiletries!


Emergency Kit

Every need a nail file while traveling? Take the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Kit (Shop here) with you for any and all emergencies. This set includes 14 items such as lint removing sheets, Hair Band, Blister Pad, Static Guard, Nail File and much more! All in a perfect little kit to even throw in your purse! 


Packing 101 Tip- Bring a garment bag when you pack your dresses to avoid wrinkles during travel!

High Heels without the Pain

Attending a wedding it is safe to assume you will spend a lot of time on your feet and on the dance floor. Be sure to pick out heels that can last you all night long. There is nothing worst then having to sit down for the second half of the wedding. First things first, do not wear brand new shoes! If you have new shoes be sure to wear them out several times before the wedding. Second, if you know your feet won’t be able to take the heels all night we have two options for you!

  1. Hollywood Fashion Tape has a few options for your comfort! Their Haute Feels (Shop Here) is a soothing foot spray to spay before the pain starts! It is effective and works in minutes but lasts for hours.
  2. Pack a pair of flats! Take a pair of Tieks by Gavrieli (Shop Here) for perfectly portable flats that fit in your little clutch. If need be, remove your heels and replace them with this comfortable flats!



Remember that if you forget something not to panic! You can most likely purchase something that the destination. Take advantage of the trip and reduce the stress. As long as you keep your cool there is always a way to make things work.



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