Honeymoon Essentials for a Relaxing and Romantic Getaway

On top of getting married you also must plan the ultimate vacation- aka: The Honeymoon! Now to relieve the stress of packing and preparing here is a list of items to make sure you pack so you are prepared for the perfect time!


Let’s get the obvious items you need to prep for your honeymoon out of the way so we can get to the good stuff: If you are leaving the country make sure to have your updated passport ready to take flight. You can even get these cute His and Hers passport books to keep all your documents together with bag tags to keep an eye on your stuff at the airport. Also, don’t forget your tickets, itinerary and your hotel/cruise confirmations.

Your travel cosmetics bag! Now in all honestly this is usually the last thing we think of because we are so excited about the bathing suites and maxi dresses! But keep it organized while you travel and while you are there. Sometimes the bathroom on vacation can get a little out of hand but with a good makeup organizer you will keep it together and looking good! Check out this Kate Spade one that has a spot for everything! Pro Tip: You can even put your jewelry in here so you can cut down on another small bag!

Even if you are going somewhere tropical make sure to bring walking shoes for while you explore! Check out these cute Glitter Sneakers to be glam while you hike!

Glitter Shoes

Mishaps happen! So make sure to be prepared with your mini emergency kits! The Pinch Provisions Bridal Kit will keep you ready for anything on your wedding day and on your honeymoon with 40 essentials that will save the day! Or check out Hollywood Fashion Secrets for your fashion emergency must haves!

Now that we have hit the fun topics, let’s move to the top Do’s and Don’ts for your big trip:

  • Do label your luggage inside and out
  • Don’t wait until last minute to pack
  • Don’t pack shoes you haven’t worn before
  • Do provide itinerary and photocopies of your passports to your family
  • Do take lots and lots of pics!

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