How to look FAB at the gym with MKC

Going to the gym does not have to mean a trip home before going out! How can we find a way to go into the gym and leave looking FAB? Team Manna has discovered some secret tips and tricks to help you #LookGoodFeelGood before, during and after your workout.

Start Fresh & Clean: In order to prevent breakouts, clean your face before working out or adding your fitness friendly makeup. If you workout with makeup, keep it to a minimal as it can clog pores during your normal perspiration process. Cleanse face with a blemish clearing towelette, like Yes to Tomatoes ($8;


Show up in Style: Remember saying, “If I buy these new cute workout clothes it will motivate me to workout more”? Well now is your chance to show off those fun prints, bright colors, and cute fitness sayings!


Triple elastic your ponytail: If you decide to wear a ponytail instead of a bun or braid, try this simple trick to keep the hair off your neck. Use three elastics stacked up against each other, which will create a larger space between your ponytail and your head, keeping the lengths of your hair off your neck and out of sweat’s way.


Gym Face Makeup: As makeup isn’t recommended for your workout, we found some key products that will help you look good without leaving you with a runny mess! No more raccoon eyes from your post-workout Mascara! Use Manna Kadar’s Eye Candy Priming Shadow Stick in Sugar to conceal any spots or dark circles ($24; Shop here). Followed by your favorite light coverage tinted moisturizer, we love working out with CliniqueFIT Broad Spectrum ($29.50; Shop here). Complete your look with the Flutter Mascara, your new favorite Workout Friendly Mascara ($29; Shop here).


Hydrate your lips: Apply your favorite LipLocked Priming Gloss Stain before your workout. We love the hydrating formula that will keep your lips nourish throughout your workout. Contains Berry Extract, Vitamin A and Vitamin E! ($24; Shop here) Try neutral and light colors like Shae, Rosette, and Lucky.


Eliminate Post Workout Shine: If you have plans after the gym or you’re just making a Whole Foods run, eliminate your post-workout shine in one step. Simply touch up with Manna Kadar Cosmetics High Definition Pressed Perfecting Powder ($29, Shop here).


Leave in Style: Most gyms have facilities to clean up, touch up and change so you could go about your day. Bring a change of clothes that will dress up your look dependent on where you are headed to next. Dark jeans, a white blouse and flats should do the trick!

Collage of female clothing set. Jeans, top, shoes and accessories.



How to organize your closet like a Fashion blogger

Maintaining stylish outfits everyday comes with a lot of work. Whether it is for work, school or hanging out with friends, you need a variety of tops, bottoms, accessories, bags, shoes and what not. Now there can be a lot of issues like where to find all this classy stuff, how to get affordable pieces, etc. But today we will tackle the issue of storage. These gorgeous fashion bloggers seem to have an organized closet that perfectly stores all their stuff without being messy. Other than adding fairy lights and a full length vintage mirror, you can follow these tips to achieve an organized closet just like a fashion blogger’s.


Buy only what you love

How many times have you walked into a store and bought tens of items that you hardly ever used. But since you haven’t gotten a lot of use out of them, those items are still present in your closet instead of being in the pile of clothes going to charity.

Step 1- Nail your #StyleGame

The first step to a stylish closet is improving the quality and minimizing the quantity. Figure out your aesthetic. Do you prefer funky colored clothes, neutrals or darker shades? Are you into skinny jeans, Harlem pants or mom style trousers?

Tip: You can save pictures of your favorite outfits on bloggers and then figure out the similarity in them that makes them look good to you. (Bloggers to follow listed below!)

Step 2- Remember while shopping..

Stick to your aesthetic. Buy clothes that fit into that theme. Only buy those pieces that you are 100% sure you would love to wear. No matter how good of a bargain, skip the items that you have a doubt about. This won’t just make your closet easier to organize, you will also have a closet that you genuinely love. Mixing and matching different pieces of similar aesthetic will help you achieve different looks every time.

Storage utensils

Storing items properly can help you get more use out of them. Not only will they last long, you will get more use because you will be able to the see the items in front of you. If you decide to keep anything in boxes, opt for transparent ones. Add tags on each one. This will also save you time when you’re looking for a specific thing.

Shoes, Shoes, and more Shoes! –

Shoes can be stored in their regular boxes but on each one, add a label that tells you which exact shoe is present inside. If you happen to have a bit more space in your closet area, get a rack to store everyday use shoes within quick reach of your hand.

Click here to shop shoe organizers!



Get scarf hangers. They can be used to store scarves but can also work as jewelry hangers. Bags can be stored on shelves. You can easily find different kinds of bag holders. You can add hooks to a wall and hang your bags or scarves there as well. Most fashion bloggers have their things on display in their closet. That can be easily done if you have a minimalist closet.

Click here to shop accessory organizers!


Bloggers to follow

Here are some of our favorite fashion bloggers to follow for trendy outfits and inspirations!







Having an organized closet requires some effort and a lot of self control. But once you get used to it, you will fall in love with the end results. What are you waiting for? Your inner fashion blogger is ready to shine!

The Oscars Red Carpet Ready Look with MKC

Get all the glitz and the glam like your walking down the red carpet at the Hollywood Dolby Theatre. Create your makeup look in just 3 steps with Manna Kadar Cosmetics.

What look screams “Red Carpet” more then a classic red lip? Actress, Kristen Dunst wears a red lip which compliments her glowing skin.


Achieve her look with Manna Kadar Cosmetics!

Runway Ready Face Primer -Set the perfect base to walk the red carpet in style.

Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion -Add a light pink shimmer to create that glow! Try mixing the Manna Kadar’s Best-Selling Sheer Glo with your foundation to provide all over radiance.

Karma Priming Lipstick  -The classic American red, compliments any looks and brings out the red in Red Carpet Ready!

Tag us in your Red Carpet ready look using #MANNABABE for a chance to be featured!

New Year’s Eve Makeup Look!

As 2016 comes to an end and 2017 quickly approaches, celebrate the new year in style! Achieve the perfect New Year’s Eve makeup look with these easy steps!

Joy. Elation. Rich woman laughing with crystal of champagne

Step 1- FACE

Start with a fresh face and smooth the Runway Ready primer onto the face to ensure your makeup will stay in place till the new year.

With a wet sponge, apply the Dual Powder to create a flawless finish.


Step 2- EYES

Apply the Enchanted Shadow Stick on your eyelids to get the NYE glam started! This shade is a vibrant gold with shimmer, perfect for the holidays or any special occasion!

Add the Jet Set eyeliner in the shade Glam Rocks to your lash line to define the eyes.

Complete your eye look with Mascara. Apply the mascara to your top and bottom lashes to make your eyes really stand out!


Step 3- LIPS

To add the finishing touches to your NYE look, apply the perfect lip! The Lip Locked Collection offers a variety of shades. The formula contains a built-in primer, gloss, and stain, which will keep your lips looking great, even after that kiss at midnight!


Make sure to snap some selfies as you’re ringing in the new year and tag #MannaBabe! XO


Trendy Fall Makeup Look with MKC!

Stay on trend this season! Create an easy Fall look with Manna Kadar Cosmetics in just a few simple steps.

Close-up portrait of beautiful woman with bright make-up

Step 1: FACE

Prep your face with an all over face primer, like Runway Ready to ensure your makeup will last all day long.


Use the Dual Powder in the color of your choice for all over face powder. If you want more of a full coverage look apply the Dual Powder with a damp sponge.


Step 2: EYES

Use the Day Dream palette to create a subtle smokey eye.  We love the last three shadow shades in the palette for a perfect fall look. The fourth shade can be applied all over the lid, then you can use the fifth shade in the crease, and the sixth shade along and below the lash line.


Complete your eye look with your favorite mascara to define your eyes and complement your eye shadow.

Step 3: LIPS

Lastly, to complete your Fall look, a dark lip! Use the Priming Lipstick in the shade Bar Crawl for that perfect medium plum color. The built in primer will keep the color lasting all day long. The lipstick formula is also hydrating and moisturizing to prevent dry lips for the cooler season.