Skincare Prep before the Wedding!

We all want to look flawless for our wedding day, so make it a priority to start your beauty and skincare regimen early if you don’t already have a daily one. This shouldn’t be left to the last minute, the longer you have to correct any skin care issues you have, the better!

There are a couple options for to start off your wedding skincare routine, you can do some research or you can visit a professional and get their opinion. I would opt for the professional because you want the best results, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a relaxing facial? After your facial and your recommended routine, don’t drop the ball. Wash your face nightly and apply any serums to work on the issues you want to correct. Also, make sure to moisturize your skin, this is a stressful time so we want to get ahead of anything that can come up!


If you are looking for some products to kick off your wedding routine check out these:

Purifying Cleanser – This purifying cleanser will start off your routine by cleaning out any impurities and prepping your skin for the next step.

Firming Collagen Peptide Serum – This high potency, anti-aging, serum is ideal for soothing, firming, clarifying and hydrating all skin types.

Anti-Aging Eye Cream – The Anti-Aging Eye Cream is an active botanical complex cream designed to moisturize, protect and soothe the eye area.

Bio Active Day Cream with Oxygen- This light lotion clarifies, lightens, and disinfects the complexion as it kills acne bacteria below the surface of the skin.


Remember, don’t try new products the month of your wedding, we don’t want to risk any breakouts or allergic reactions to products!


Beauty, Balance & Medicine: How one Doctor Changed my Life

My weight loss journey has been anything but easy.  I thought I had the recipe: reduced calorie healthy meals + workouts = weight loss.  However, I didn’t realize that I was missing a crucial part of the equation, Dr. Alice (@alicenguyen.nd)- more specifically, targeted oral supplements and micro-nutrient intravenous therapy.

Part of the 360 Program that Stark Fitness (@starkirvine) offers is a mandatory visit with their in house, medical guru, Dr. Alice.  I didn’t realize how life changing this one visit would impact how I looked at food, fitness and overall health.  The key lies within doing an complete analysis of your health history, but more specifically, taking a closer look at what is going on with your body.  I did 3 blood tests: one for food allergies, the Vibrant America comprehensive lab panel review my overall well being, and the Micro-nutrient panel.  The results were astounding.

From my food allergy test, it revealed that I am highly allergic to whey, casein and dairy.  Although I didn’t show outward signs of intolerance such as hives or GI issues, I did notice never feeling quite “right” and took an inventory of how much of these items I was consuming on a regular basis.  What I learned what that by consuming these items, my body was constantly in an inflamed state, which made it 100x more difficult to lose weight.  Once I cut these items out of my diet, I immediately noticed my stomach was flatter and the results from all of the meal planning and gym sessions were finally beginning to show.

What was more disturbing were my results from the overall levels of my Vibrant America lab panel.  I had zero testosterone, which means it is almost impossible to build lean muscle mass and I was deficient in almost every other category.  But have no fear, Dr. Alice is here!  I was put on a regimen of vitamins to take on a daily basis to get my body back into balance, but what was more interesting was the IV Treatments that were available.  On a weekly basis, I was given and IV with a special “Vitamin Cocktail” to give my body everything it was deficient in.  I even mentioned to the doc that I was having excessive hair loss, one of the issues most postpartum moms deal with and Dr. Alice added Biotin, a vitamin that promotes nail & hair growth, right into my bag.


Thanks to Dr. Alice, my body is back in sync and on the right path to getting to hitting my weight loss goals.

Master your makeup trial and pick a MUA you trust

Ladies, you are engaged, your venue is decided, and your dress is chosen, now to the details: Hair and Makeup. It might seem daunting when you go on Pinterest and see all the options for looks but don’t let it overwhelm you! Choose a look that you are drawn to and that accentuates your natural beauty. To master your hair and makeup trial here are a few tips listed below to help you out!

Gourgeous bride studio interior photo

  1. Do your research. Not only on the looks you want but also the makeup artists and hair stylists. Ask your friends and family for people they trust or have used and when in doubt check out the wedding sites such as where they have reviews. Once you have chosen your stylists to trial, make sure to print out photos of the looks you want, even if it seems redundant, print out 2-3 photos of each look you are drawn towards so that you can work with your artist to decide what will compliment your whole look!
  2. Take Notes. Often the makeup artist will give you a touch up bag but in case they don’t take notes during the trial of the colors and items they used so you can create your own touch up bag for the big day!
  3. Dress for Success. Wear a white shirt that has the same neckline or a similar neckline to your dress so you can visualize the whole look. You never know you might change your mind in the trial from an up-do to a wearing your hair down.
  4. Keep the party small. Try and go alone or with a trusted confidant, do not have too many people go so that you don’t lose the look or feel you want because of other people’s opinions.
  5. Take pics. Make sure you take pics at all angels and full length so you can get a full picture of what you will look like on your big day… oh and to show off how good you look 😉
  6. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Your makeup artist and hair stylist would rather you be happy than for you to leave and be unsure of your look. You can have them change it or schedule a follow up trial if you are unsure of anything. Remember this is your day, make sure to do what makes you feel special and not settle.

Good Luck Ladies! And make sure to share your experiences and any other tips you may have!

Essentials to pack for a Spa Day

Beauty never stops for Team Manna! Anywhere we go we always keep in mind the best ways to achieve a look for any occasion. Now when you think about a spa day, you would most likely dismiss all the beauty rules and simply enjoy yourself.

After our recent visit at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs we mastered the spa day beauty look while staying fully relaxed and rejuvenated.


Here are some key essentials we used throughout the day!


Since the facility is mainly outdoors, we wanted to ensure our skin is highly protected. We used this adorable travel size sunscreen from Neutrogena to get us through the day without getting a sunburn!

Glo Illuminator

As we wouldn’t encourage a full face of makeup for this occasion, we found that the Manna Kadar Cosmetics Glo Illuminator ($29, shop here) gave us that extra boost of beauty and confidence. Apply the Glo Illuminator on your face and body to give that luminous glow that will shine inside and out!

Jo Malone Travel Sized Cologne

The perfect mini spray to keep you feeling fresh! We love the Wood Sage & Sea Salt Scent for a fresh and beach like experience.


What are your favorite items to use while on a spa getaway?

More than Fitness at Stark! Manna Kadar talks about her ART Treatment with Dr. Justin

In all my 37 years, I had never been to the chiropractor.  I thought this was only for people who had back issues or neck problems.  Well, let me tell you how wrong I was about this.  At the recommendation from my team at Stark Fitness, I reluctantly went to visit with Dr. Justin.  I didn’t think there was much to do since I did not have any previous injuries and overall, I was a healthy person.

Little did I know what I had been missing out on all of these years.  I’m about to let you in on a little secret called ART. ART is a unique muscle therapy technique that can relieve any chronic or acute injury by working specifically on the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and capsules that are involved. By feeling what is tight and weak, they can pinpoint the areas that need to be addressed to eliminate any pain quickly and efficiently. 

Dr. Justin worked on decompression in my lumbar spine, which most women need post-pregnancy after carrying a baby for so long and also works on ART Treatments for my glutes and cores, which sped up the “tightening and toning” process during weight loss.  This essentially aids on the postpartum fat loss process. 

One of the best parts is that Dr. Justin is housed within the Spark Fitness building for treatments before or after your workout and takes 10 minutes or less.

I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Justin and how it has helped me in my weight loss journey.  This will certainly be incorporated as a part of my new health & wellness routine.

At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

Making time for romance when you have children can be close to impossible! Especially with a toddler and new born on your hands. What do you do when you can’t leave the house for this romantic holiday? We came up with a list of perfect ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with your partner in crime.

Get cooking

Spend some time in the kitchen together and get your hands dirty with homemade pizza. Pizza may not be the ideal romantic meal, but you can pair it with a fresh salad and a bottle of wine, or two. To kick up the Valentine’s Day feel, make your pizza dough in the shape of a heart!

Set the mood

Dim the lights and surround yourselves with candles. Everything is more romantic by candlelight. You can even add soft music in the background.


At home spa night

Take it easy and distress from a crazy workweek and busy nights with the kids by treating yourselves to an at home spa night. Start the evening with a face mask, we recommend the Rose Face Mask by Fresh ($25, shop hereshop here). In efforts to keep the Valentine’s Day theme in motion, we selected this mask as it is infused with real rose petals! Before you call it a night take turns giving each other massages!


Wine & Paint night

Get crafty and open up a bottle of wine while you show your artistic side. This fun experience will also leave you with beautiful pieces of art to hang up. Even if it does not look like a work of art worthy to be framed you can save it as a memory and fun experience you shared with your loved one.

Watch a movie

Snuggle up and watch a movie. When was the last time you were able to sit down, relax and enjoy a movie from start to finish with no interruptions?

Rear view of couple watching television in living room hug

Create your Valentine’s Day look with MKC!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means you’re already planning out your perfect date night ensemble. Complete your look with makeup trends that will be sure to get noticed! We’ve narrowed down key products and created this tutorial to help you achieve the most beautiful you this Valentine’s Day!


When it comes to makeup for a special occasion or night out, you want to ensure long lasting wear! That is where our Step 1- Prime products come in handy! To get the perfect look you want to create the optimal base.

Use Manna Kadar Cosmetic’s Runway Ready Face Primer ($42, shop here) all over your face to fill in any creases and ridges on your skin to shape a smooth appearance and minimize fine lines and pores.

Apply the Lash Extending Primer ($21, shop here) to fully hydrate and nourish your lashes, this will also add more definition when you apply makeup in the later steps!


Ready to start creating your flawless face? It is time to polish with Manna Kadar’s Flawless Finish Dual Powder in 3 different ways ($34, shop here). Start with the shade C2 or a lighter shade that matches your complexion- apply under your eyes, this will brighten up your look. Next, apply your exact shade (C3 or C4) to your entire face. For more full coverage you can apply with a damp sponge. Lastly, bronze and contour with the shade C6!


Time to add the finishing touches! Get Glowing, channel your inner Jennifer Lopez and get your glow on with the Glo Illuminator ($29, shop here). Use this liquid highlighter on your face and on your collarbones or shoulders for a subtly sexy look.

Here is where your creative side kicks in, smokey eye! Using the Day Dream Palette ($39, shop here) you have the ability to create a soft or bold look. Each shadow shade is highly pigmented and blendable.

Complete your eye look with Flutter Mascara ($29, shop here). This jet-black mascara works exceptionally with the Lash Extending Primer previously mentioned. Together they are a match made in heaven for full, lengthened and long wearing lashes!

This year, ditch the red lips! Yes, red is a classic Valentine’s Day color, but why not try something else? Try a neutral color, you want your lips to look soft and kissable. Manna Kadar’s Priming Lip Wands ($24, shop here) come in a variety of colors that will match your outfit. We suggest the shade Amour, not only does it mean love in French but the color won’t compete with your smokey eye look. Be sure to bring it on the go for any post-kissing lip touch ups!