What Does Your Lip Color Say About You?

Every wonder what your lipstick color chose may say about your personality? Here is a list of top colors and what they say about you!

Hot Pink- You are bubble and energetic. This fun shade of pink shows your sense of playfulness. Try LipLocked Priming Gloss Stain in Coral Crush ($24, shop here).


Classic Red- If you sport a classic bright red lip you are passionate! You don’t mind being the center of attention. This bold shade shows your high confidence level and exudes self-assurance. Who wouldn’t love a woman that is confident and not afraid to show it? Try Priming Lip Wand in Rouge ($24, shop here).ROUGE

Nude & Neutral- You opt for the neutral shades that demonstrate your warm and caring character. You may be a bit timid, however when people get to know you they learn how loving and caring you are. Try Priming Lipstick in Lust ($24, shop here).


Mauve- As this shade contains both purple and gray tones this shows your mysterious and quiet side. Wearing a mauve lip shows you’re sophisticated, intelligent and have a plan of action. Try Priming Lipstick in Affair ($24, shop here).



How to face the day with a GLOW! #GloGetterTips

With Manna Kadar Cosmetics recent feature in New Beauty Magazine, focusing on the Glow Illuminator, Founder & CEO Manna Kadar shares her Top 5 #GloGetterTips to face the day with a glow that shines inside and out.

Tip 1- Start your day refreshed

Kick start your day with 10 minutes of “me time”. Before the craziness of the day starts! Enjoy some quiet time while sipping on a hot cup of lemon water. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C help promote glowing skin- decreasing wrinkles, blemishes and promotes skin elasticity! Make this a part of your daily morning routine for real results!

Tip 2- Get Organized

Make yourself a plan of action for the day by creating your goals and to do list. We like to order the tasks by priority to ensure the important stuff get done! Once the day gets going you can cross off your completed tasks for that ultimately satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

Tip 3- Stay upbeat and positive

Create an upbeat playlist for your commute to set the mood. Play fun, positive and energetic music- our playlist includes Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, and of course.. Happy by Pharrell Williams!

Tip 4- Add Glo on-the-go

Keep you glow all day long with the Glo Illuminator by Manna Kadar Cosmetics. Give your skin a pearlescent glow while providing hydration. You can apply it to any targeted areas or mix a few drops into your moisturizer or foundation for an overall radiance ($29, shop here).

Tip 5- Time to Wind down  

Slow down your mind before getting to bed. Spend some time away from your phone and other distracting forms of technology. We recommend reading a book, or chatting with your kids and loved one. Not only will you feel relaxed, this will also help promote a good nights rest!

Manna Kadar’s go to Gym friendly Hairstyles

When you’re off to the gym the last thing on your mind may be your hair style. Yes, you have your fitness goals to focus on, but why not look good while achieving them? Wouldn’t you feel more motivated to work out with a boost of confidence while looking good? Get rid of flyaways and pieces that keep falling in your face with these fitness friendly hairstyles!

The Low Trendy Bun- Simply tie your hair in a pony and flip your hair through to create this trendy bun! Add gel to roots/crown to avoid flyaways. Love this hairstyle for #ArmDay!



The Classic High Ponytail- Brush your hair back into an elastic with our fingertips to create that textured look. You can also add a texturizing spray like the Un.Done Texture Spray from Amika ($24; Shop here)



The Dutch Sister Braid- Keeping your hair in its natural state, sans-hot tools? This workout friendly braid is perfect for all hair styles and keeps your style intact throughout your workout. Start by making two Dutch style braids on each side of your head, then connect them and tie with an elastic.



The Classic Bun- The perfect hairstyle to get sweaty! Keep hair off your face and neck with this ballerina bun.



Share your fitness friendly hair looks by tagging us and using #MKFitnessHair!

How to look FAB at the gym with MKC

Going to the gym does not have to mean a trip home before going out! How can we find a way to go into the gym and leave looking FAB? Team Manna has discovered some secret tips and tricks to help you #LookGoodFeelGood before, during and after your workout.

Start Fresh & Clean: In order to prevent breakouts, clean your face before working out or adding your fitness friendly makeup. If you workout with makeup, keep it to a minimal as it can clog pores during your normal perspiration process. Cleanse face with a blemish clearing towelette, like Yes to Tomatoes ($8; yesto.com).


Show up in Style: Remember saying, “If I buy these new cute workout clothes it will motivate me to workout more”? Well now is your chance to show off those fun prints, bright colors, and cute fitness sayings!


Triple elastic your ponytail: If you decide to wear a ponytail instead of a bun or braid, try this simple trick to keep the hair off your neck. Use three elastics stacked up against each other, which will create a larger space between your ponytail and your head, keeping the lengths of your hair off your neck and out of sweat’s way.


Gym Face Makeup: As makeup isn’t recommended for your workout, we found some key products that will help you look good without leaving you with a runny mess! No more raccoon eyes from your post-workout Mascara! Use Manna Kadar’s Eye Candy Priming Shadow Stick in Sugar to conceal any spots or dark circles ($24; Shop here). Followed by your favorite light coverage tinted moisturizer, we love working out with CliniqueFIT Broad Spectrum ($29.50; Shop here). Complete your look with the Flutter Mascara, your new favorite Workout Friendly Mascara ($29; Shop here).


Hydrate your lips: Apply your favorite LipLocked Priming Gloss Stain before your workout. We love the hydrating formula that will keep your lips nourish throughout your workout. Contains Berry Extract, Vitamin A and Vitamin E! ($24; Shop here) Try neutral and light colors like Shae, Rosette, and Lucky.


Eliminate Post Workout Shine: If you have plans after the gym or you’re just making a Whole Foods run, eliminate your post-workout shine in one step. Simply touch up with Manna Kadar Cosmetics High Definition Pressed Perfecting Powder ($29, Shop here).


Leave in Style: Most gyms have facilities to clean up, touch up and change so you could go about your day. Bring a change of clothes that will dress up your look dependent on where you are headed to next. Dark jeans, a white blouse and flats should do the trick!

Collage of female clothing set. Jeans, top, shoes and accessories.


Nutrition: Meal Prepping & More….

They say that your diet will determine up 80% of the results you will see.  I had T minus 6 months to wedding day and I did not have any time to spare.  I pulled out all the stops and called on the who’s who of nutrition, Amir Molfadi of Stark Fitness to help craft a meal plan that worked for me. What I really appreciated about Amir is that he wanted to find something that would work with my hectic lifestyle, while taking into account my food preferences and even allowed me to indulge in the occasional glass of wine.

Plan for Success

What we ended up with was a diet high in protein, up to 130 grams per day, lot of veggies and the “right” kind of carbs.  We ended up with a 1300 calorie a day diet that was well balanced and had tons of room for modification.

It’s all in the Prep

Preparation is key!  I was fortunate enough to have met Cindy Ambriz (IG Handle: @fitgourmetoc), who is a French Trained chef and body builder.  She understood my goals and followed Amir’s plan to “T” and made healthy, clean food, taste as good as possible (see pic below of some of my meals).  Goodbye my beloved Apple Fritters, hello Asparagus.  I made a mental shift and thought of food more as fuel.  This really helped when everyone around me was having pizza or pasta and I ordered steamed fish with a side of spinach.

meal prep

Travel: Even more Prep

If you thought Meal Prepping is challenging when you are at home is tough, try prepping for travel. I have an extensive travel schedule and did not let that derail my progress.  With Amir’s guidance, I was diligent about finding items that would travel well and was easy to prepare.  You’ll see that my picture below of my recent trip to Paris and Russia was not filled with croissants and baklava.  Rather, it was quite handy to have bars and shakes on to go.  It saved time, money and didn’t set me back from the progress I had made)


The Results

I started a calculated diet Week 2 after having baby.  Almost 4 months later, I am down 45 lbs with the final 10 lbs to go to get to my goal weight.  I have been stuck at the final 10 for about a month now, but have been sick or traveling for several weeks.  I hope to back full steam ahead and be wedding ready as we count down the final days.

Manna Stark Progress Images 1.11

What’s In Manna’s Gym Bag?

Going to the gym isn’t always easy, not only do you need the motivation you also need the perfect gym bag essentials to have the best fitness experience before, during and after your workout.

Here are some recommended essentials Manna Kadar keeps in her Gym bag-


Deodorant- A total must have for before your workout and after! Long lasting deodorant should do the trick! Using all natural ingredients will prevent clogged pores compared to other chemical ingredients typically found in most deodorants. Try the clear liquid roll-on to prevent white streaks- (Dr. Hauschka Deodorant Fresh, $22.95, DermStore.com)


Colorful Hair ties- Keep your hair in check, you never know when a bad hair day can arise. Pack up these cute and colorful hair ties that won’t leave any dents or creasing in your hair- (Mane Message Hair Ties, www.manemessage.com)


Headphones- Get in the workout mode with you own music that fits your workout routine and boosts your motivation level. Use conformable headphones that won’t fall out, or try wireless headphones to give you that full motion freedom.


Reusable Water bottle- Water is super important at all stages of your workout, so drink up! Get a fun reusable water model that will encourage you to drink and refill ($10.00; www.nalgene.com).


Makeup Essentials- Get rid of that post-workout shine and dry lips with the help of Manna Kadar Cosmetics. Pat on the High Definition Pressed Perfecting Powder to remove all shine and give you that flawless matte finish ($29; www.mannakadarcosmetics.com). Always keep a nourishing lippie in your bag! Manna Kadar’s LipLocked Priming Gloss Stain is ultra hydrating and formulated with Berry Extract, Vitamin A and Vitamin E to nourish your lips ($24; www.mannakadarcosmetics.com).


Sweaty Clothing Bag- Don’t mix your clean clothes with your post workout sweaty attire. Pack your dirty clothes in this portable, travel sized laundry bag. Flight 001 available at shopbop ($22; www.shopbop.com/)


Change of clothes- Be prepared for what is next to come! Post gym activities like work, running errands or meeting your friends. Pack a set of clothes to change into that will fit any occasion. We recommend a classic denim pant, blouse, and flats!


New Year’s Resolutions- Fitness Goals for Wedding Day with Stark Fitness

Many start off the year with aspirations of the proverbial…New Year, New You.  I took this quite literally as I rounded the corner in 2017 with an amazing year, welcoming our sweet baby boy, Mason in August 2018.   After thinking for the majority of my life that I would not have children, I didn’t waste any time at age 36 having our first child, Shaelyn, and a mere 14 months later, Mason arrived.  AND, to top it all off, I was going to walk down the aisle a mere 6 months after Mason arrived.

I certainly did not have the time to spare getting the baby weight off and decided to partner with Stark Fitness to get to my goal weight.  I had two very difficult pregnancies involving extended hospital stays for weeks at a time and a majority of the pregnancy on bed-rest.  This resulted in a total weight gain of 55 lbs, 30 lbs over the recommended weight from my doctor.

Resolution #1: Be unabashedly open and honest during this journey

All too often we see these women who bounce back and are in their skinny jeans a week after pregnancy.   I made this mistake of following some of these accounts during the pregnancy, only to have unrealistic expectations for myself.  For this reason, I wanted to share my personal journey in hopes it will give perspective from a “normal” person in hopes this will shed some light on the weight loss process.  Below you will find a picture of me 1 week before I delivered at full term and the next picture is me 2 weeks after giving birth.

5 days after baby
5 Days After Baby Mason
3 weeks after baby
3 Weeks After Baby Mason










Resolution #2: Hit the Gym 3-4x Per Week

It is not secret I DO NOT LIKE TO SWEAT, or really do any physical activity.  So, I knew it would really take a team of to rally around me to help my along this journey.  MKC is a sponsor for Miss California and through the years, I had hard contestants and Title Holders mention Stark Fitness (SF), a fellow sponsor, so I decided to check them out.  To my surprise, SF has a 360 approach to Health & Wellness, which is exactly what I needed.  I was set up for an initial consultation to assess my physical fitness level, which was very low given I had been on bed rest for the last 5 months and a 6 week recovery for my C-Section.  Stark crafted a personalized work out program for me to work on not only building a foundation for fitness, but also focusing on regaining my core from the pregnancy.


Resolution #3: Make the Right Food Choices

I did not count calories and ate whatever I wanted during the pregnancy, which included lots of carbs.  Now that the party was over and reality has set in, I needed to re-program my food intake to get to my goal.  With the help of my nutritionist at Stark, Amir Modalfi, we came up with a meal plan that included lots of protein & veggies, I was armed with the literal recipe for success.

meal prep.jpg

Resolution #4: Drink More Water

I could drink 8 glasses of champagne before the recommended 8 glasses of water a day.  I knew hydration was key and ditching all of the beverages with empty calories was an absolute must.  I loaded up the office, house, car and anywhere else I was headed with water.  To make water more appealing, I have water in beautiful glasses with lemon and a straw.

Resolution #5: Get to my Goal Weight by Wedding Day, If not Sooner

Let’s embark on this journey together and hopefully, cross the finish line at my Goal.