When do makeup products expire?

Nothing Lasts Forever- Including your makeup!

We may not realize the dangers of using expired, but think of it this way- would you still eat expired food? Our answer is No! Therefor we need to realize how important it is for our skin to prevent using old and expired makeup products.


In today’s blog we will be giving you some tips and guidelines on the best practices when it comes to tossing and replacing your makeup.

  1. Mascara: After 3 -6 months, toss!

During this time frame, which is after 3 months, it has certainly become a breeding ground for various types of bacteria. Watch out for that stench odor, and if you notice it, toss! Another thing to look out for is the texture of the Mascara, if it changes, toss!

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  1. Liquid Eyeliner: toss after 3-6 months.

After that time frame, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

If for any reason, you notice that odd smell, toss! If you notice that it starts to lose its original texture and the color begins to fade, toss!

  1. Foundation:

Water-based foundations can last for a period of 12 months.

Oil-based foundations expire in 15 – 18 months.

However, if you’re always using your fingers for application or if you always reuse dirty makeup sponge then in 6 months, toss!

  1. Textured Makeup Products – eyeshadows or pressed powders:

Powder lasts longer, so these products can actually last up to 3 years but after that, toss!

  1. Lipstick and Lip Gloss:

If the product is in stick form, then after 1-2 years toss!

Tip to make your Lipstick last longer!


DO NOT use your figures to apply. We recommend using a different lip brush outside of the one that comes with the applicator tube. With this, there be no or limited growth of bacteria – but after 12 months, toss!

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There you have it! You now know when your makeup expires, and also when to toss and replace them. To make sure that the makeup you apply are safe and effective, it is now up to you – So now ask yourself, have your makeup products expired? If so, toss!


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