Date Night Prep & Glam to WOW your date

Did someone say date night? I need advance notice! When prepping for a fabulous night on the town there are several steps to prep and beautify. We have simplified your date night routine without skipping a beat in any necessary steps! Here is how to simplify your routine and get the Date Night look!

Deana (1).jpeg

Who says getting ready has to be a process? Make it fun! Turn on your favorite tunes and get in the mood to doll up for your date.

First things first, Pre-Glam Prep.

Starting from the skin first, after your shower make sure to lotion up to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Then add the Manna Kadar Cosmetics Ocean Mineral Mask to nourish your face with it’s seaweed, coconut oil, and vitamin A powers. While your mask is setting, add your favorite lip scrub, we love the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. This lip scrub is made with brown sugar crystals that condition and exfoliates to provide soft, smooth, kissable lips!

Wash mask and scrub off and pat dry.


Now it’s GLAM time!


Step 1 Prime- In order to keep your makeup in place all night long, primer is always essential! Using the Runway Ready Face Primer all over your face will also create a matte and shine free finish.


Step 2 Polish– Add your favorite foundation for all over coverage. We love using the Dual Powder under the eyes to brighten and remove dark circles.


Step 3 Perfect– Using the Date Night Manna-quin bundle, we can complete the look with 3 perfectly paired products. Use the Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion as a liquid highlighter with a pink tint over your cheek bones. Now create a soft smokey with with the Day Dream Palette, click here to read the smokey eye tutorial!  Now add the Lip Locked Priming Gloss Stain in the shade Sienna to go with your bronze tones in this date night look!

To complete this beautifying date night routine the last step is- Hair!

Soft curls are always a fun date night look! Using a curling iron, add loose curls at the ends of your hair. We love using Quai Hair Oil to smooth frizz and seals split ends leaving hair with a high-gloss and silky finish.

Finishing Touches

Add your favorite perfume or mist for a fresh sent. We love the the Armani Code by Giorgio Armani eau de parfum for a sultry and sweet date night scent.

Lastly, grab some mints and now you’re ready to wow for Date Night!


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