Day Dream Palette Smokey-Eye Tutorial

Create the perfect smokey-eye with just a few steps and our Day-Dream Palette. This palette comes with 6 eye-shadow shades that blend perfectly to achieve a day or night time look. Everything you need to complete your look is included, highlighters, blush, and a bronzer! Our light weight palette is perfect for travel and that on-the-go lifestyle.

Step 1- Apply the mauve pink shade third shadow from the left in a rainbow shape from inner to outer of your lid.

Step 2- Take the caramel shade in a “V” shape on the outer end of your eye and line bottom lashes with shadow to create a more sultry look.

Step 3- Take the purple sparkly shade on the far right to deepen the crease even more to create to your liking.

Step 4- Place the first champagne shade under the brow bone for a highlight as well as inner tear duct. Now you have completed an easy smoke eye in minutes!

Share your smokey-eye makeup looks with us by tagging @MannaKCosmetics or #MannaBabe on Instagram!


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