Women in Business Interview with Kristy Reed, Founder & Owner of Salon 74 LXXIV

What made you decide to start your own business?kristy-reed-salon-74

I became an empty nest and my best friend opened a blow dry bar in Idaho that was very successful. Even though I had dreamed of doing the same and put plans in to open one in a new community being built.  When the owner of the salon I worked at during my 20-30’s fell ill I offered to buy it. It was such a whirl wind transaction! I took over and had to completely re-brand and rebuild. And when I say rebuild I mean EVERYTHING! The salon, the team, the clientele and the brand itself. I renamed it and the rest is as they say history.

What are some things you have learned so far since opening your salon?

I have learned so much since I built this salon May of 2015. I have to put over 30 people’s needs before my own sometimes and listen to what they are saying to have continued success. I need to always remember what it was they were feeling when they came to me. This feeling of responsibility is enormous but so worth it when I see the smiles and hear the laughter in our salon. We are a happy family.

What are your favorite business aspects in the salon?

My favorite part of owning 74 is the people I work with! They are all so eclectic and amazing! Our bonds are great and we all truly enjoy being together! I have a “job” that allows me to give back daily.

Tips on balancing your life as a business woman, mom, and wife?

Tips? What tips? I was hoping you had some for me! I still have not mastered that balance yet… I am typically working until 10 pm with one eye on my phone screen and another on a TV show my husband and I are watching! Any time off I crack open a beer and plant myself in the kitchen for a good 3 hours cooking!

Website: http://salon74lxxiv.com/



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