Back to School Beauty- Makeup Routine

As summer comes to an end, another school year begins. Keep your makeup routine in check to feel fabulous and confident when you walk the school hallways. This quick and easy makeup routine will keep you looking radiant, no matter how much sleep you didn’t get because you were up late studying.
Step 1- Prime 
Prep your skin with a primer so your makeup will stay put from your first class to your last. Runway Ready is an essential makeup base that gives a matte, silky smooth finish that will keep your makeup in place ALL day.  
Step 2- Face
Use the Flawless Finish liquid foundation to camouflage the skins imperfections. To set your foundation you can use the Manna Kadar High Definition Powder for a matte, flawless makeup finish. Now add some color to your face with some blush, we chose the shade “Entice” because it’s a neutral based color with notes of pink.
Step 3- Eyes
Creating a muted smokey eye is always fun for an everyday look. Using the Day Dream palette start with the first eye shadow shade on the left to highlight your brow bone. Now on to the second eye shadow shade, use this on your eye lids to make your eye color pop. Lastly, using the third eye shadow shade to apply to your lash line or crease for a defined eye look. 
Add a coat of your favorite mascara to darken your lashes for more of an effect.
Step 4- Brows
Add some quick definition to your brows with Brow Fixx, it’s so easy to apply and keeps your eyebrows in place all day long. This product comes in three shades, Blonde, Brunette or Clear.
Step 5- Lips
Lastly, we used the Manna Kadar Lip Locked Stain in the shade “Lucky”. This lip product contains a built in primer as well as a stain, it also has a glossy finish to keep your lip gloss poppin’ all day long. 
Now you created a quick and easy everyday school look with just 5 steps! This look is great for every day, or simply add a darker shadow and bold lip for a dressier look.
Good luck with school! Tag us in your photos with #MannaBabe for a chance to be featured!

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