New Priming Lip Wands, perfect for each day of the weekend

Manna Kadar Cosmetics has officially launched the new Priming Lip Wands. The Priming Lip Wands are available in three shades, perfect for each day of the weekend. The three shades include Tarte, Joie, and J’adore. 

Friday- Tarte is the perfect shade to kick off the weekend. Apply this vibrant punchy peach shade to give yourself that FRI-YAY feeling!


Saturday- Joie is a little more subtle, making it easy to complement any outfit. This muted rose shade is great for day and night.


Sunday- J’adore is great for any Sunday Fun-day plans. This shade is a blushing nude toned color with built-in primer to survive your Sunday Brunch feast!


Manna Kadar’s Priming Lip Wands are the latest innovation in lip products that is paraben free, allergy tested, and cruelty free with many benefits; the Priming Lip Wands are easy to apply and it eliminates many steps for you so you are ready to go out.

The application is very smooth and it keeps the lips hydrated with Vitamin A & E & Berry Extracts throughout the day. The Priming Lip Wand is long-wear, because it has a built-in primer to set the color on your lips. And the colors are highly pigmented so it is easy to match with anything from day to night.

Collect all three shades to complete your weekend lip looks with one easy product, the Manna Kadar Priming Lip Wands!


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