Jet Set Beauty Babe

Summer means sunshine, travel, and fun! Traveling itself can take a toll on your body, Team Manna narrowed down their favorite tips and tricks for before, during, and after flying.

Only Take the Essentials

What you take in your carry on is a key factor to a stress free flight. Take items that carry multiple purposes to avoid taking too much.

Team Manna’s carry on beauty essentials include the following-

Dollup Beauty Travel Case, Manna Kadar Day Dream Palette & Brush, Manna Kadar Lip LockedMai Couture Blotting Paper, Emi+Jay Hair Ties, last but definitely not least, the Carry on Cocktail Kit.


First things first, prepping for the flight

The day before your flight is crucial. This is how we prep ourselves for the journey ahead.

Get a Blowout! When your hair is blow dried it is easier to maintain. To tie your hair during your flight use the emi + jay hair ties, they prevent creasing and come in fun styles! No creasing allows you to get off the plane looking like you just got your blowout, no airplane air!

Moisturizing is extremely important. If you’ve been on a plane before, you know that the cabin air can be extremely drying. Moisturize your face and body heavily the night prior to your flight to give as must moisture to your skin possible.

Making time fly, literally! What to do during the flight?

While you are sitting on your flight and anxiously awaiting your arrival, there are a couple of beauty tips & tricks that can help you feel and look beautiful inside and out. If you are planning on getting some shut eye during your flight we recommend wearing a sheet face mask. We LOVE the Red Wine sheet face mask from TonyMoly. Its perfect for flights because you don’t need to rinse your face after use.

Lastly, arrival!

Once the plane lands, there is still a good couple minutes before you can get out of your seat. Use that time to freshen up! Blot the excess oil off your face and add some makeup touch ups with the Day Dream Palette. Lastly apply a coat of your Lip Locked and you are ready to get off the plane looking radiance and ready for your trip!


Happy Summer and Safe Travels!



Team Manna



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