Getting a Sexy Suntan Sans the Sun: Saving Your Skin This Summer with Manna Kadar’s “Bronzed Beauty Self Tanner”

It’s the struggle that has plagued pale princesses for decades.  Achieving that perfect, beautifully bronzed tan leaving the pain and dangerous side effects as a thing of the past! With so many options on the market stating they’re the best, how can we decide which to use? Manna Kadar’s “Bronzed Beauty Self Tanner” has got this one covered.


This innovative self tanner is the best on the market for many reasons.  Its creative, custom formula features only all-natural ingredients designed to create the best, most natural looking tan.  A few of the many restorative and priming ingredients used in the blend include Aloe Vera, Vitamins A & E, and many more.  Also, a unique feature of this self-tanning lotion is its luxurious, almond scent.  While most DSC_0027self-tanners give off an unpleasant odor in the form of various “scents”, Manna Kadar’s self-tanning lotion does not.  Instead, it’s refreshingly clean-smelling almond scent is pleasing to all, and delightfully subtle.  It is also wonderfully easy to use.  While other tanners require application every day and only show results after weeks, Bronzed Beauty Self Tanner only needs to be used every one to three days, and the results are immediate! It is truly a miracle worker.

Manna Kadar’s Bronzed Beauty Self Tanner is a revolutionary way to achieve beautiful, tanned skin.  With its fast-working pigmentation, fresh smell, and golden color it can’t be beat!


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