Bare Faced Beauty


When your always on the run, a beauty regimen is the last thing on your mind! Not fully willing to let the world see those dark bags under your eyes from staying up late helping the kids with homework, or that pesky pimple that brings you back to puberty days; you settle for oversized sunglasses and just hope you don’t see anyone you know. Well ladies settle no more because with Manna Kadar cosmetics cosmetics you can achieve a bare beauty look with some quick easy steps! Mascara has always been a girls best friend, just a few coats of manna kadar’s mascara and you have gorgeous full and luscious lashes! Now just a dab of concealer for under those eyes, manna’s concealer trio is perfect to highlight and conceal any imperfection. Don’t neglect those lips ladies, a pop of color on the lips can create and accent any look. Shrimp is the perfect accent for a natural look. This lipstick is both pigmented and moisturizing! If you enjoy a more glossy look for your lips, pinky is a fabulous neutral pink gloss that will add that pop of shine to your lips! Before you run out that door just sweep on some of our blush cheeky, to finish your natural but gorgeous look and your are ready for the day. For a woman on the go this is a perfect natural look that you can achieve in simple easy steps! Manna kadar cosmetics understands we don’t always have the time to do a full face makeup, that’s why we’ve made it simple and easy to achieve any look, even on the go!

This set Includes : 

Lips: Pinky Lip Gloss, Shrimp Lip Stick 

Cheeky Blush 

Extreme Curl Mascara 

Value : $88 
Set Price: $58 , 35% savings

Is my skin tone in the cool or warm family?

You see all these different kinds of makeup mentioning cool or warm on their products. What does that exactly mean? And with my skin type what kind of shade is right for me?

Cool and warm are the hues that work best with your skin type. A great way to find out is looking at your forearm and seeing what color your veins are. If they are blue, you are in the cool family. If they are green, you are in the warm family.

If you are in the cool family:
-You have blue undertones
-Tend to be fair skinned
-Usually burn when they are out in the sun instead of achieve a tan

If you are in the warm family:
-You have yellow undertones
-Present in fair skin who can achieve a tan when out in the sun

Now that you are able to figure out whether you fall under the cool or warm category you are able to identify the correct makeup products for you skin tone!

Check out Manna Kadar’s Cosmetics Warm and Cool Trio concealers. These amazing concealers contain 3 shades each so that you do not have to purchase to different shades for summer and winter! They also work great for contouring and also covering up those pesky blemishes!


Cleaning makeup brushes 101

Brushes are the tools we use to create our makeup looks so cleaning them is most defiantly an important step. If you do not clean your brushes it will create build up on the brushes and results in an uneven application. Brushes tend to collect oil, dirt and bacteria and in turn can cause breakouts! Continue reading to find out when and how you should clean your brushes!

It is important to clean your brushes once a week! That’s right once a week! We typically apply or makeup everyday so to ensure a flawless application we need to clean our tools every week!

For cleaning your brushes you want to use some kind of a brush shampoo or even baby shampoo that is gentle on your bristles but gives a thorough clean. You can find the product we used at

The cleaning process is not difficult at all! Just a few steps and your all done!
1. Rinse brushes through warm water
2. Apply Manna Kadar’s “Green Tea Facial Cleanser” to bristles of brushes (would suggest to clean them all separately so they all get a good clean)
3. Rub your fingers through the bristles to remove any product out of the brush
4. Rinse off the brush
5. Repeat the last steps until the water comes out clear and there is nothing coming out of the bristles
6. Let brushes dry flat on a towel (give them a couple hours until your next use)

Now that you know the protocol for cleaning your makeup brushes it is time to get to it!


Liquid or powder foundation?

The question seems so simple, a liquid or powder foundation? But the answer is different depending on your skin type! Find out what you should be using for your type of skin!

Dry skin:
For people with very dry skin using a foundation or a hydrating powder is a great tool to use. Since the texture is creamy it will cover any blemishes and even the skin tone but also hydrate at the same time. Using a powder will dry out your skin even more and will sit on top of the skin instead of setting in. Manna Kadar Cosmetics “Flawless Foundation” is a full coverage foundation that contains Wheat Germ that improves skin’s elasticity and helps skin blemishes. Finding a liquid foundation with ingredients that help hydrate like Vitamin A & E and so on can also help your dry skin rather than irritate it. Make sure to check the products ingredients before purchasing!

Oily skin:
People with oily skin should be using a powder foundation or and oil-free foundation. These types of products will help hold in and absorb any oils on the skin and also give you coverage. When you have oily skin, you usually want a matte finish so using a powder foundation will really make sure everything stays matte. Liquid foundations tend to make the skin look even more oily and come off. Manna Kadar Cosmetics “Dual Powder” is an amazing universal product that can be used wet or dry! Simply dipping a damp sponge into the product and apply! This product can be used on top of foundation or alone!

Combination skin:
Combination skin consumers should use a powder foundation to achieve a more matte look. This will also help with absorbing makeup in place on the skin where you need and places where you do not need it. The powder foundation will not leave lines on the face but will give an even coverage without drying out the skin or making it too oily!

As Gwyneth Paltrow says, “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin”. In order to be “comfortable” in your own skin you need the right foundation!


Which Shade of Lipstick is Right for your Skin Tone?

Which Shades of Lipstick are Right for You?


Lipstick colors has always been the quintessential question for most women- which color do I wear and what shades look good on me? I am here to demystify this for all of you once and for all! Believe it or not, it was only in the last 3 years after I started formulating my cosmetics line did I really experiment with color. I was stuck in a nude color rut for over a decade. It was such an enlightening experience to step outside of my proverbial beauty box and really take a walk on the lipstick wild side. And, you know what, I like the wild side! Ever since I started straying for the safe pinky hues, such as Manna Kadar Cosmetics Pucker Up, I have NEVER….EVER received soo many compliments about my lip colors. As such, I have talked countless women off the ledge of their “safe” colors, only to receive countless thank you notes from my lovely Manna Babes sharing the same sentiment. I now wear a hot pink lip on a daily basis. Saucy is my go to color!


I’ve taken all the guesswork out of the equation, so let’s begin this Lipstick Jungle adventure together. The below chart will out line the precise colors that will match your skin tone from a safe everyday color to a more bold option. Remember ladies, you can always blend colors together as well. I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful pouts on the runway of life.


Think. Do. Be, Beautiful.


lip stick for your skin

Clean & Classy Nails

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.35.54 PMI get asked about my nails on a daily basis, so let me take a moment to pause and share my Manna Mantra about everything nails.  In the past several years, nail art has been the rage.  I have certainly chosen to partake in this fun journey of no holds barred creativity when it comes to expression via my nails. Given that I only do gel nails for the practical purpose of the 2-3 week longevity, it has taken me just as long to find the nail technician love of my life, Phil, to find someone with the talent to meet my ever changing nail art creations. I call it MNAPS- Multiple Nail Art Personality Syndrome.  Much to my dismay, only months after I found Cutie Phil did I read that nail art was out!  I almost fell over at that instant.  I pondered this for a few days and my conclusions were: 1) I will NOT break up, with Cutie Phil because it took me 3 years to find my Nail Husband and 2) I will express my Kelly Clarkson’s Miss Independence and will single handedly- no pun intended- bring back nail art.

Only days after this life changing revelation, did the Nail Gods speak to me in the form of a major on-air TV deal, which specifically stated “no nail art can be on air.”  My liberation was now my devastation and even worse, how do I break this to Cutie Phil?  It was days before my shoot and with tail between my legs, I decided honesty was the best policy and spilled the beans to Cutie Phil.  After some crocodile tears and the best hug ever, we decided on a beautiful pink from OPI, and surprisingly, I loved it.  I had not seen just one color grace my nails in years.  Much to my dismay, I loved how elegant and tasteful the color was.  Off to my shoot I went and everything, including my nails, went without a hitch.  After all this, the biggest lesson I learned was that- I (or YOU) create your own trends!  It doesn’t matter what everyone thinks is “in” as long as you own and rock whatever look you feel is a true representation of your personality.  Needless to say I was back to my nail art in a heartbeat, but from this experience, learned to appreciate the beauty in even the most simple of gel manis.  Now, you can create your own nail destiny.

Think. Do. Be. Beautiful.


Hair Blow Outs

Hair. It is one of those things you love to hate. It grows in places you don’t want it to grow and never grows back in places that you long for its existence, such as your eyebrows if you over plucked one tragic evening. For the hair on our head, we all yearn for that fresh from salon radiance and bounce after a fresh color & cut and the Hair Gods shone down on us and created blow dry bars. Why didn’t I think of that? At this point, what does matter is that I had the pleasure of being treated to a wonderful experience at Dry Bar at Fashion Island in Newport Beach by Master Stylist Johnny.

We all have issues with our hair- for some it’s too thin, other’s its too brittle. In my case, thanks to my Middle Eastern father, I have too much hair and it takes me absolutely FOREVER to do my hair, which goes against my Manna Mantra of keeping “Beauty Simplified.” I found a way to streamline my makeup regimen to under 7 minutes, but I have never been able to get my hair to cooperate in the same manner- that is before Johnny from Dry Bar.

In less than an hour, my limp, lifeless hair was transformed into a Bridget Bardot Goddess. What’s more is that my style lasted for another 3 days, which included a TV taping with only minimal touch ups under 5 minutes.

I would love to pack Johnny Alvarado as I jet set around the world, but it brings me great comfort to know that there is a solution to make every woman’s beautiful at an affordable rate on a regular basis.

The silver lining is that these lovely stylist treat you like Queen, appropriately so, with a glass of champagne, and give you back those precious moments in the day that you can be focused on what’s most important-YOU! Cheers!

Thank you to the amazing stylist, Johnny Alvarado for creating this beautiful blow out!